Halloween and the Switch Witch

Happy Halloween! The day that all of us parents look forward to and dread all year long. Dressing our little darlings up and taking them out door to door in an effort to obtain enough candy to put them in a diabetic coma. I guess we’re honing their skills in being cute and friendly for the future when they have to go door to door selling gift wrap so their school can buy plastic flutes and basketballs?

But, what do you do with the tons of candy they procure? We leave ours for the Switch Witch. Who is the Switch Witch? Well in our house, she’s the tooth fairy’s sister! The kids get to pick out about 10 pieces of candy that they want to keep and leave the rest out for the Switch Witch. She takes the candy and leaves a toy in its place. This is really a win-win all around. I don’t have to fight with the kids regarding their candy intake and they get a new toy!

Apparently you can now even buy a book and toy about this! I wish this had been available 5 years ago when we started this tradition! Check it out here: http://switch-witch.com/

Happy Trick-or-Treating tonight. 🙂

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