Friday night huggles

When we went to Florida on vacation last July Morgan had a really hard time falling asleep in a strange place. So we started to “huggle” (she couldn’t say snuggle) to get her to sleep. When we got back from our trip we immediately moved into our new house and Morgan got her new big kid bed (a full size bed) and again was having a hard time falling asleep what with the new house, new bed and new bedding. So, we kept up with the nightly huggles. A few weeks ago I had decided that this was just too much. It was meant to get her through the transition, not be the only way she’d fall asleep both for naps and bedtime. 6 months was far too long for this! So, I switched it up to only huggles on Friday and Saturday nights. No more weeknights and no more naps. But now the huggles take place in my bed while we watch an episode of a kid show. Ugh. How am I going to get this kid to be done with the huggles? I totally understand that her life got turned upside down last summer, but she’s going to be 3 next week and I feel like the sleep training I did when she was a baby has gone to waste. Hopefully when I’m in Dallas next month for Blissdom, daddy can break her of her huggle habit!

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