Having “the talk”

Well, I was hoping that we would have a few more years before discussing male and female anatomy with Morgan. But alas the time has come.

A couple of months ago while I was out and Mike was home with the girls, he texted me about a conversation he had with Morgan (who will be 3 next week!)

She had informed him that he has a tail. As does Landon at preschool. She proceeded to show him how Landon goes pee. She was pretty right on with the way boys pee.

Since then she’s mentioned here and there that boys have tails and girls have butts.

Last night when she brought this up, we decided it was time to teach her the correct terminology.

I gently informed her that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. I followed it up by telling her that it isn’t polite to discuss this topic in public. Only at home.

Her response? “girls have butts!”
“yes dear, boys and girls both have butts”

I just pray she doesn’t start saying penis or vagina at preschool.

However awkward, it wasn’t nearly as bad as when we had to explain that it’s OK to touch her girl parts, but only in the bathroom and to wash her hands after.

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