Piano lessons? Already?

Morgan informed me yesterday, after belting out a cute little rendition of I’m A Little Teapot, that she would like piano lessons.

Apparently during music class at preschool, they get to play on a piano.  This was news to me! But I’m excited that she’s showing an interest in music.  I just can’t help but wonder if 3 is a little young? I’m not really sure to be honest. 

We did put in an inquiry to the Oregon Music Academy, but they want you to pay them $30 (on sale from $55!) just to see if you (or your child) are even ready to take lessons.  If they charge that much for an assessment, I’m kind of afraid to see what their rates for lessons are.  I wish they could just tell me that much before I pay for the assessment, you know? 

Maybe I should just look into private lessons from a tutor first.  This is all so confusing! I thought we were doing good by picking a great preschool, but now there are so many other things to choose.

In other news, now that Morgan is 3, she gets to move onto the next level of swimming lessons.  Up until now, they’ve always been mommy & me classes and while I absolutely loved going to the classes with her, they were very basic classes and she was getting very bored of them.  She wants to SWIM, not play games in the water.  We can play games in the giant bath tub for free!  Kara and I are also going to start mommy & me swim classes in April. I’m hoping these classes will get her a little more comfortable in the water, as she likes sitting in the tub seat and playing with the toys, she’s not really that fond of the actual water part, especially the water on her head/face.  I really hope that both girls love the water, as I really love swimming too! 

To nap or not to nap

I’ve been plagued with whether or not to make Morgan take a nap for a couple of months now.  If she takes a nap, she’s a very pleasant child to be around in the afternoons, but takes FOREVER to fall asleep at night.  I’m talking, we put her to bed at 8 and she’s still wide awake jibber jabbering to herself at 10.  It makes it hard for me to go to bed early on nights that I’m tired, because I don’t like going to bed if she’s still awake.  So we did a trial run on Thursday.  Instead of her taking a nap after lunch, I had her cuddle up on the couch with me and watch a movie.  She mostly just relaxed while watching Monsters Inc and then at bedtime, she was promptly asleep by 8:15pm.  But she slept in until about 8:30am! 

Friday, since the sitter took the girls to Play Boutique and she was running around playing, I had her take a nap.  Sure enough, she finally fell asleep Friday night around 10:30-11pm and woke up Saturday morning at 7 cranky! 

Saturday we skipped the nap, but had a low key day at home and she was fast asleep by about 8:05pm.

Today was another story, today was her birthday party!  So to prepare, I had Mike take her to Playdate PDX to run her ragged so she’d take a good nap and be in great spirits for her party.  Of course, on the drive home she passed out and had a good 20 minute nap, but once she got home she didn’t sleep.  She just laid in her bed for about an hour talking to herself.  However, she was perfectly well behaved at her party! You’d never know she’d been playing hard all morning and not had a nap.  Bedtime went quite smoothly as well and she was asleep by 8.  

So, I guess it’s time to ditch the naps? I’m so done with fighting her to nap and fighting her to go to sleep at night!  Maybe if she’s tired enough she won’t want the “huggles”!

Friday night huggles

When we went to Florida on vacation last July Morgan had a really hard time falling asleep in a strange place. So we started to “huggle” (she couldn’t say snuggle) to get her to sleep. When we got back from our trip we immediately moved into our new house and Morgan got her new big kid bed (a full size bed) and again was having a hard time falling asleep what with the new house, new bed and new bedding. So, we kept up with the nightly huggles. A few weeks ago I had decided that this was just too much. It was meant to get her through the transition, not be the only way she’d fall asleep both for naps and bedtime. 6 months was far too long for this! So, I switched it up to only huggles on Friday and Saturday nights. No more weeknights and no more naps. But now the huggles take place in my bed while we watch an episode of a kid show. Ugh. How am I going to get this kid to be done with the huggles? I totally understand that her life got turned upside down last summer, but she’s going to be 3 next week and I feel like the sleep training I did when she was a baby has gone to waste. Hopefully when I’m in Dallas next month for Blissdom, daddy can break her of her huggle habit!

Having “the talk”

Well, I was hoping that we would have a few more years before discussing male and female anatomy with Morgan. But alas the time has come.

A couple of months ago while I was out and Mike was home with the girls, he texted me about a conversation he had with Morgan (who will be 3 next week!)

She had informed him that he has a tail. As does Landon at preschool. She proceeded to show him how Landon goes pee. She was pretty right on with the way boys pee.

Since then she’s mentioned here and there that boys have tails and girls have butts.

Last night when she brought this up, we decided it was time to teach her the correct terminology.

I gently informed her that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. I followed it up by telling her that it isn’t polite to discuss this topic in public. Only at home.

Her response? “girls have butts!”
“yes dear, boys and girls both have butts”

I just pray she doesn’t start saying penis or vagina at preschool.

However awkward, it wasn’t nearly as bad as when we had to explain that it’s OK to touch her girl parts, but only in the bathroom and to wash her hands after.