DMV Fail

I tried to go get my NY drivers license today.

The baby took an epic 2 1/2 hour nap, which I’m not complaining about.. But since I had no idea when she’d wake up, I was waiting for her to do so to take a shower/get ready to go.. Well 2 hours into the nap I said screw it and got in the shower.  5 minutes into my shower the door bell rings, UPS is here. Which of course wakes up the baby.  He KEEPS RINGING THE BELL.  I understand, the package we had was pretty big, but damn.  So I get out of the shower, grab my robe and a crying baby and ran downstairs to open the door for the guy.

So now I’m all flustered and annoyed.. I get dressed and get ready to go to the DMV.  I gather all of the paperwork I need, application, social security card, 2 bank statements (from 2 different banks), a copy of our lease, marriage license and my birth certificate.

Make that, a photocopy of my birth certificate.  Oops.

A copy of a birth certificate will not suffice, even if you have everything else, including my SS Card and the marriage license, both of which I could not have obtained without a certified copy of my birth certificate!

They’re closed tomorrow since it’s a holiday so I guess I’ll trek back up there on Friday. 

Hopefully my hair looks good on Friday like it did today 😉

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